Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bessie Wong for The Memory Bank

Bessie was one of my subjects for the project I am involved in through Preservation Napa Valley. I loved photographing her. She was shy and really didn't think she had much to offer but you can see by the image that she was incorrect. This is such a wonderful photo of her. I was so thrilled to find out that she had a darkroom in her kitchen and photographed her children and family. It was fascinating to watch her touch her camera after so many years of being stored away. She was lost for a moment as she looked through the glass and her hands started to find their familiar position on the camera. I wanted to load it with film for her.
The images of Bessie will be on display at the Napa Valley Museum starting on August 11 this summer.
Along with those will be the my second subject, the Dooleys. You will get a sneak peek in a few weeks.
Sweetest couple I have ever met.