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Life in a ball

He owned ball number 3. He desired a larger space to share with someone but the balls were only made so big. She would have to get her own.

enough oxygen for one

Saturday, September 21, 2013

International Photo Awards - Honorable Mention

Five images received Honorable Mentions in my favorite photo competition.
If there is a silver lining, then it is that the photographers who also won Honorable Mentions are some of the most talented in our industry. I am humbled to be among them.

Here are the 5:
Bowler Hats

Building an Elephant

Crab Pots

Her Favorite Shoes

Three Tulips

Thursday, June 27, 2013

8609 Vicki dr.

As promised:

This photo cracks me up. I think my Grams was turning her head slightly because of the sun (Gramps always followed his rule of shooting with the sun behind him) but it makes her look like she is being coy or flirty and that coupled with this classic pose is just very funny.
Grandma with Grandpa's prized oranges, circa 1986

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Garry Winogrand at the SFMOMA

My friend, Carol, invited me to go to this show with her and it was nothing short of wonderful. There were so many images on display, some I had seen but many I had not. Beautiful day in San Francisco. Great company with just the right amount of discussion about art and family. There were quite a few other installations and it was all free today.
Just a very enjoyable Saturday. Thanks Carol!

And thanks to the lovely couple for their contribution to this image.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Inn at the Presidio

About a year ago I created some images for Inn at the Presidio. Now that hotel is featured in Conde Nast Traveler as one of the hottest new hotels in America. Wow, great job you guys!
As a very nice perk, my husband and I got to stay there and it was indeed lovely. I especially liked the art ;-). But I must say, the comfy bed gave the art a run for it's money.
I had not posted any of the photos but here are a few just to get an idea. The first one is in the main lobby and is huge. So fun to see your work printed really big. Thanks to Julie and Michael at Art Brokers Inc!

The Photo Review 2011

Stephen Perloff's Photo Review publication is out, and I am so thrilled to have two of my images included.
There is a fantastic article about women photographers and an interesting interview with the artist who's work won first prize for this competition. I wrote about this and included an image of his here.

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The VanDyke

These few images are some of the first from my recent printing journey. They are very time intensive:
Hand-coated watercolor paper (coated twice) with VanDyke Brown solution - dry that. Make a proper negative using transparency paper; let that dry. Once everything is ready to go together you will expose the paper and negative together and probably make 4 prints in a day. Hope your negative was spot on...
Here are a few that are lovely. Each printing will produce a slightly different result depending on many factors. These were uploaded using my iPhone - good scan later today. But you get the idea.

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The Darkroom

Rainy day making digital negs, hand-coating paper, exposing with a UV box; gorgeous VanDykes.
I have some ideas I can't wait to try.